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Where From Here? ft. L​.​Legend & Meccanism

from Qluminati by iheartquiet



Birthed human but inside im so much more/divine spirit filled with my hands upon the sickness I cure.
Opinions on everything I guess im rich afterall/I pushed and pushed she got tired of me didnt let me catch her fall.
Now Quiets the Qluminati/silenced passanger like shotty/alone in my dome ghosts haunt me/on my road traveled 8 sides dont stop me.
I hail to Gabriella cus Mary lost her grace/grace and purity now shes trying to help rebuild my faith.
Rose peddals but on my mind its plamarias/up in the sky we're blaring the/sound of the gun shots proudly watch out for my hesteria.

Revolution in my head.
Formed evolution of the mind/thoughts were gathered in due time.
I was altered/drank from forbidden waters/blessed by the singing of the holy daughters/i'll leave you slaughtered.
The heevens who whisper in Devils tongue/no more speaking or breathing im jabbing daggers in their lungs/leave em hung.
From a tree an example for his people/death to anyone who wanna clash with my cerebal.
Disenagrate physical form/im far from the norm.
More like a highly advanced God like adversary/annihilating all armies who think they heavy/bring death to them all swinging Gods machete/no one can dead me/i'll behead all who against me.
The beginning of your ending my enemies desending.
In toment.
If yall were smart it'd be best to repent repent/or get bent.

Incase you havent heard this is Meccanism flipping words.
Like acrobatics and orthodoc tactics/poetic sementics/constricts like straight jackets.
No circulation/just raw imagination.
A foul nation of wack rappers with no respect cant even give me the courtesy of eye contact they better.
Respect the heat of the D.E./we show no sympathy for the weak.
We steroid enduce/let loose.
In public and they love it when we speak that westcoast culture/like keep your head up soldier.
Watch out for them vultures trying to swoop on your virtues they will abuse you like foster children.
We just bricks in the building trying to keep the wall from falling.
So hear I am calling out anybody who think they got the wreckin balls quit stallin, step to my concrete where i'll greet you with a smile.

Hook x4:
Where to go from here?


from Qluminati, released December 22, 2012




iheartquiet Indio, California

I write for my sake, but release it for yours.

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