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The Usual ft. Buck Roogah

from Qluminati by iheartquiet



Buck Roogah:
Now I walk in these streets/talkin on peace/but im raw like a beast/hip hugged by the peace/im bangin in these streets/my fams gotta eat/so I take what I see/it aint the life I chose but the life that chose me.
With a pinky ring slap if a bitch get outta hand.
Im cookin up that crack rap/for them block huggers and my niggas and them backpack/Roogs fresh snapback/vodka shots thrown back/rushin blood yeah yeah yeah you woulda thought that.
Nope just an alcoholic father with a high tolerance for the drinks I sit and search of my next trip off planet/hack you cant stand it.
Shoes not made for you/Roogs is truth hurt you/who else but me to.
Speak what I see is.
Greed with one less mouth to feed.
Its kill or be diceased.

Beautiful day something epic/if you want something bad enough then let it.
Fly away wish upon stars for the return/the grades earned/all depends on how well the subject was learned.
Drop knowledge like a sage one eye open you'll never know if the rumors are true/pillars block my pearly gates you'll never push through.
October blues/with so much to lose/im taken but these dames still insist on sending me late night pics of their boobs.
I guess when you got it like that you always got it like that/and when the world dont spin for you, you gotta fight back.
Hard headed stuck in my ways/sunny day but I hope it rains/and surf my emotion like waves.

Buck Roogah:
Yo Q, (yeah).
They know the team/D.E. party till I hit your girls bed sheets.
5 in the morning singing lodi dodi/who like to party/get naughty.
Wow/i'll/i'll do more than just put it in her mouth.

I got a brunette at home the blonde is just for show/but if she finds out though/she probably might go.
Leave forever but theres always more to talk about/song subjects always about females cus they the problem now.

Buck Roogah:
They the problem now/hate beef but always have a cow/hate cheese but really love the smell/love me but truly hate themselves.

Probably should run and ask for help.
Daddy issues only getting so far with me/constant corrective lenses faults aint hard to see.

If the real is in the steets/where are you to be/fake is all I see/face down you will be/crying for preachers preach/hidding in mommys sheets/I can just promise me my army is honestly.
Its not swag its suave red SB's compliment the tattoos/no condom on we play dirty coming at you/catch you/embrace the Desert Eazy we taboo.


from Qluminati, released December 22, 2012




iheartquiet Indio, California

I write for my sake, but release it for yours.

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