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The Bones

from Qluminati by iheartquiet



I drank from the straw that broke the camels back now im just as broken/substance I swallowed too much to handle on the truth im choking.
You see, im the guy who has a girlfriend but still feels lonely/spend the rest of our lives together I promise you still wouldnt know me.
I urge all my peers listen to my vocal waves/get inside the mind of a pariah experience total pain.
When the sky falls I'll truly smile embrace its welcoming/I did quite well for myself stayed unattached cus we'll be leaving without a thing.
You got a loss?
Well welcome it/
You got a cross?
Well salvage it.
Deep down in my bones I know things wont be fine/shed tears for no one no one cares for you like yourself so hold the crying.
So hard to tell when all you have is a "from what it looks like"/if I had wings by now from these people I woulda took flight/the light.
Is green but im too scared to go/I drive around the city looking for somewhere to go/the more I drive the more I feel alone/hoping all this anger and lonelyness in my heart will no longer grow.
Fear of success so I might never be successful/im alot of things one thing for sure just a man whos regretful.

Im just down on my luck like dad used to say/how ironic I found the will but there was no way.
Just cus shes wifey material doesnt mean im the husband type/but it turns out I am the type she just doesnt want that kind of life.
The wax melted a year and a half later exposed her character/its sad how things work out this new person shes become im scared of her.

Dear lord I ask that you bless me stay with me today and forever amen.

I chase my tail looking for an answer/I chase myself the guy who used to have her.
How ironic the guy named Quiet gets the silent treatment/and if this is really over ima send you all of our photos like here you keep it/cus I for one dont need it.
Firm believer everything happens for a reason/well yes girl you and I had a wonderful season/take the break and space to yourself practice your breathin/im here now but wont wait forever someday I'll be leavin.
Never cheated, never hit you, never dissrespected you with name calling/encouraged and supported you there to catch you when you were falling/and I promise you this you'll think of me when you're new love starts rotting.


from Qluminati, released December 22, 2012




iheartquiet Indio, California

I write for my sake, but release it for yours.

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