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Just Like That ft. H​.​Mccoy

from Qluminati by iheartquiet



I wanna touch the sky/but I dont wanna die/add notes to a phone they become songs and I try not to lie/so its no surprise.
Love songs and grimey girl raps/push em to every limit then wonder the cause and why girls snap.
I wear 13 dollar diamonds and a scratched up Guess watch/nothing flashy about the appearance maybe thats why I dont get guest spots/but still heads rock/tick tock.
No denying my stage presence I say it in all honesty/I stopped following God then he put her in my life now shes asking things like "whats God to me".
Fallen soldier he wants back/march to my own drum until I can hear his kicks and claps.

You could say what you want just know that I cared/everytime you called up I was right there/now that things start to change and you feel it aint fair/soul growing cold you could feel it in the air.
Room full of homies but im feeling so alone/so I pop another pill shots of patron.
Help me numb the pain through success that I gain/turn me to a monster a beast thats untamed/hate when someone tells me thats just part of the game/turn my back to that I'll be the one who has changed.
Lookin to the past with regret/just another thing that this man would rather forget.
I'll never look back leave it in the past/this for all the nights that I prayed that this would pass/call me what you want but now im free at last. at last. at last.

Now my body bleeds but I have no cuts/300 friends online none in person you have no idea how much this sucks.
Not good with any type of relations Gabriella might leave me too/question of my lifetime I need these people but why dont they need me too?
I dont know.
I saw Ozzie in a casket today I tried to cry but there was nothing there/im convinced I care/but me not crying over death kinda has me scared.
Concerned about the inner person I've become/so good at pretending as far as wanting my past I just needa learn how to rewind the sun.

Im not an asshole I just dont having feelings dont be offended,
Its just like that just like that just like that like that.
These arent sad songs if I could cry for you I would but I cant,
Its just like that just like that just like that like that.


from Qluminati, released December 22, 2012




iheartquiet Indio, California

I write for my sake, but release it for yours.

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