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Freeze ft. Phillie Mills & Mokka Frapp

from Qluminati by iheartquiet



Hell freezes I got front row front seats God turned his back on me, but I still want the Devil dead/my prayers never answered so I went out myself and got my daily bread.
Sometimes I feel good some days I feel bad/but its days like today that I feel glad.
Waking up to a red truck has to count for something/theres one thing/I hope to catch with my words im hunting.
But once caught I wont kill it/fix the damages I did by all means i'll heal it.
Now healthy welcome to my special place where we picnic and people watch/let you read my notebooks and read my lyrics so you can see what was once lost.

Phillie Mills:
Sieze the moment freeze the moment please, I zero degrees the moment.
Ice cold/trucking on these ice roads/fighting like Margarito with his eye closed.
All heart dont stop the fight/driven by the green I dont stop at a light/see the big picture no cropping it alright/yall short lived like Andy Milanockis right.
Want personal/I got a journal full of obscure views and shit you never heard me spew.
You aint homies or fam/so keep talking shit you dont know who I am.
Haters are plenty, bi-otch/drivin around hard lookin like Jenny in a Fiat.
Wanna know what my moment of truth is/pushing yall away being lonely is exclusive.

Mokka Frapp:
Try to hold me down I got mad strength, its a man thing/ready for what I bring.
9 to 5 cus im hungry and I gotta eat/but the way I dream how my lifes gotta be/in the front seat/Asian dime piece/rolling mad weed fat ass and nice feet/but thats me.
How I live my life/whatevers going wrong yo I always make it right/go out without a fight/you're fucking kidding right/I stay on my grind how you think I survive.
Seen alot of shit made me real humble/toughest fight to this day has been life struggle.
Worry about my moms health condition/I worry about my dads drug addiction/to take care of them is why im on this mission/mom said im the Devil though God I must listen.

Freeze the time hold the moment/seize the day carpe diem dont blow it/make the best outta bad situations your life was written out you dont own it.


from Qluminati, released December 22, 2012




iheartquiet Indio, California

I write for my sake, but release it for yours.

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