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from Qluminati by iheartquiet



Put away the nails put away the hammer this guy will not be put on a cross for no ones mistakes/if I hold my life in my palms I dont give a fuck about the steps others make.
Mom didnt raise me selfish but the world says DTA/see me pray/on a road of my own to others never have to ask to keep out my way.
Destination seems so close but the journey is far (like a star).
Thats where its at thats where im headed/coast freely soul vented/directions planted by God himself encrypted embedded.
Im better forget him/see me win/finish line with ease pull the pin.
Snake bitch wraps around another female traits in her genetics/one thing I still havent learned when to put down the weapon call it quits walk out and end it/spend enough time with someone it aint even love anymore just grown dependent.

In my life I've had 2 stepdads while real dad was in jail/then the 2 went to jail so of the house im the man now/just wish someone would ask how.
Im doing and what can be done for me/F.A.S One photos I dont love to see/trust in others is out the question cus I dont trust in me/if you're the one who fucked up why is moving forward always up to me? always up to me.
Im sick of these local rappers talking about their levels insecurities show they're really underneath.
And when I die and go to Hell its not gonna be with the Devil its gonna be with myself and the memories I could not let go.
I am my worst enemy/paranoid is an understatement no wonder no one likes to be close to me.
The blue pills arent working like they once did/but my wings are coming in just fine watch yourself become the hunted.

We used to be together as one/but the lady with the pitchfork dressed in red with the tail won.
Prosperity's been knocking at my door but I cant turn the knob/cant miss what you never had no need to mourn and sob.
Dont trap me I dont do good with being held for ransom/in fact um/this tantrum/better left undefined unfathomed.
Nothing is as worst as it ever seems/the let go might be the hardest part but dont forget something arrives as something leaves.
Theres always something to be said I just dont wanna talk/planned my own death at the crime scene even brought my own chalk.
Minute hand clicks another chance you coulda made a difference/but edging God out with your ego has you chained down flames in prison.

My dependency/is all on me/I have the third eye gift but sometimes the light is hard to see/I look up to the sky God keep your eyes on me/remind me what I do no lonely eternities.


from Qluminati, released December 22, 2012




iheartquiet Indio, California

I write for my sake, but release it for yours.

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