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Confess ft. Buck Roogah

from Qluminati by iheartquiet



If I said sorry would you accept my apology/probably.
Not cus I said it one too many times/one too many lies.
Of making a change/for the sake of us baby doll I want to but it feels too strange/cant change my ways.
One road with heavy blinders/I have nothing left to give like clicking lighters/throw me in the trash set it to fire.
But be sure to look back/the Devils offer I shouldnt have took that.
Temptation looked too good to pass up/more mistakes than not they were sure to catch up/act up/bitter towards the world looking in the mirror like oh well thats love/so get back up.

Buck Roogah:
Now maybe im too honest/maybe thats the problem I shoulda never promised we'd make it through the hardship.
I knew what I wanted/just couldnt hold on to it/love for me is honored i'll never be honored.
So why try harder/I sit and just ponder/I shoulda been smarter atleast as a father.
I played the hands were dealt/lied to myself/cried to the clouds what else you want from me now.
Liquored drown liver helps me see the big picture escape hells winter and show me spring love in June/I wanna go far way passed the moon/a journey meant for 2 so im here looking for you.
I put my hands together but you know I never pray.
Wish on a star but im no longer 16.
Maybe I should stop searching and you'll find me/but thats faith and she dont really like me.

Stories I want you to hear/cus I dont have you near/im sure by now the mascara dont drip cus your eyes dont shed any tears.
White top blue polish on my third that starts with an "A"/im still a lit fuse hanging in there trying not to go bang/I made a promise to love you forever and that'll never change.
I prayed to God to let me see your dreams/and was crushed to see.
I had nothing to do with them anymore/loving family 2 cars 2 story house but I still feel poor/alcohol mixed with effexor.
Started in summer ended in summer/started in summer ended in summer/this one began in fall I dont wanna see next summer.

Oh/I dont wanna go/without letting you know.
Confessions of my soul.
Oh/I dont wanna go/without letting you know.
Until my stories told.


from Qluminati, released December 22, 2012




iheartquiet Indio, California

I write for my sake, but release it for yours.

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