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Broken Bottles ft. Kono & I​.​Fit​.​The​.​Description

from Qluminati by iheartquiet



They try to box us up put us in a cage forever/I'll speak my mind till im executed Che Guevera.
A modern day revolutionist I paint it better/an open minded artist an a nack for flipping letters.
I'm never holding back these bars are always sounding clever/never dumb it down for simple minds taste the webster.
These words are bouncing off your dome like a broken record/scratch that im only throwing shots hot barretas.
Disecting every word down to every letter/my vocabulary too advanced for average miedra.
Im at a higher level sitting on my cloud forever/I roll with Gods couldnt see me on my level never.
And thats the truth no apologies for how its set up/Kono and Quiet different wordplay but we mix together.
Yall couldnt put us in a box we always spit qual qiuera/steelo for you motherfuckers escucha mi manera.

The bottle broke I dont hope for hope/look to the sky and ask God to please revoke.
Presence of Rainman and his access/life minus the materials no need for lavish/it is what is yall relate to the madness.
Honesty and shit talking what you want so I say fuck my city and these facebook rappers/blah blah look at me look at me but in the long run you're the shute not the ladder.
Damn right we dont dumb it down to get a crowd/fuck trying to impress cats who dont feel my sound/yeah my name is Quiet but I bet you can fucken hear me now.
Eagles take flight with a handshake alone/shut the fuck up and take your ass home.

Flat black/fat paragrah rap/catch a contact/from just a peak at the rough draft/class act/action packed/like black straps cocked back/now tell me you cant feel that.
Dont try it when you see me grinding with my brother Quiet/we on a strictly eatin emcee diet/no denying/on the mic im kinda like a lion/Kono lay down the science.
We the nicest hold the mic devices sorta like some vice grips/westcoast rhyming at its finest.
All yall other rappers is heimin/no design and timing in your feeble little writing.
Mines Mike Tyson in his prime you cant fight it dont get reminded/I never mind working overtime grab the mic and get it excited.
Always exercising my right to defy my open mindedness.


from Qluminati, released December 22, 2012




iheartquiet Indio, California

I write for my sake, but release it for yours.

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