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Straight from the Grime

by iheartquiet

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Beginning 05:23
Have it All 04:59
Creep 03:04
Lady 04:51


During one of my many black cloud attacks my good friend Ba5e emailed me a new instrumental which ended up becoming "Ring Around the Old Me". After writting and recording it, I asked him to send me another beat with the same vibe and he asked if I just wanted to do a 6 track ep. Ofcourse I agreed, which also couldnt have come at a better time due to the state of mind I was in. A few tracks later the project became "Straight from the Grime" with the last song explaining the previous 5 and why they were written. As frustrating as it may be, I wouldnt change the type of person I am otherwise I wouldnt be capable of bringing you this wonderful music. I feel blessed. Thanks for reading this and listening to our creation, please feel free to not only share this music with your friends, but add me at my other social networks listed above, I would enjoy hearing your feedback. Thank you.

Your friend,


This beginning track will suck you into a vortex of pain, violence, lies, and torment. Twisting you in 100 different ways you begin to wonder what type of life experience were lived to express such emotional turmoil in words. Foreshadowing what is to come.

Ring Around the Old Me

From healthy ripe to rotten. Life experiences mixed with designer and street drugs. Ring Around the Old Me is a montage of Quiet’s life filled of drugs and pain. It’s melodic beat mixed with dark lyrics keeps you wondering what’s next.

Have it All

Listening to this song on repeat while on my vacation in Vegas really had me thinking about all the girls who work in the entertainment business of Las Vegas. They stare, they gleam, and smile as if your are the hottest shit to ever come in Vegas. They’ll be your every sexual fantasy and have you wanting more. “Reality is setting in, I built a family and for this Bitch I left them.” Have it All will have you looking at all those girls as “devils in disguises.” We are socially trained to believe that girls are innocent creatures but Have it All takes the blind fold off naive boys and men and reveals just how much power a girl wields through her body and sex.

With it’s piano beat and dark bass this song will have you running to your priest and asking for forgiveness if you’re religious or for the bottle to help you cope with how you see the world now.

Half way through the song Quiet begins to pull back another curtain that many of us give a blind eye to. “Marketing, publicizing fame…sign here and talk about this,” the world of entertainment is plagued with social scientist (psychologist) feeding off our human emotions of vanity, anger, envy, lust, greed, sloth, and gluttony. “Cut the eye off the top,” and you’ll see how this world is ran. We’re all a “Slave of vanity,” and Quiet & DJ Base tells you like it is.


Talk about dirty. This song is so in the gutter I’m starting to wonder how this song came to be. I’m never letting my kids or wife near Quiet. Just listen.


Just when I thought Straight from the Grime couldn’t get any grimier and filthier Dj Base drops a beat so dark and sad I hesitate to let this album keep playing. If you were to play this beat by itself you could turn any happy environment to the gloomiest environment you’ve ever seen. Then Quiet starts dropping lines that would get him “diagnosed bi-polar” by a doctor. Lady paints a vivid dark story what love can cause. “Don’t want to kill her, just want to show her pain, but my mind knows no limits….I love having the power of her maybe not seeing the next day,” lets you peak into the thought process of a killer. But hey “[he] warned you never ever go behind [his] back.” “Bitch, I’m going to show the real definition of crazy,” is what this song is: crazy, violent, and ‘Straight from the Grime‘

The Explanation

Rounding up the album The Explanation gives the audience a monologue form Quiet directed toward God explaining Quiets’ bad behaviors. A fallen angel lost in bad dream.

Overall this album is well written with very good amount of production put into it. With DJ Base behind the beats and Quiet on the mic this album couldn’t of sounded better. We recommend all the Desert Valley Peeps to with a high stomach for emotional dark lyrics to give it a try. ‘Straight from the Grime’ will have your mind Overdosing in ways you never imagined."

-Review by Soundoverdose.com

All tracks written and recorded by Quiet in the QuietCadacombs and produced, mixed and mastered by DjBa5e @ Ba5eCamp. Cover designed by Quiet & DjBa5e.


released September 4, 2011

R. Padilla, J. Nunez


all rights reserved



iheartquiet Indio, California

I write for my sake, but release it for yours.

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